Saturday, July 30, 2022

Good Cheer from Maggie Morelos

 Maggie was busy at her sewing machine and dropped off 4 pillowcases and 8 quilts! Thanks, Maggie!

If you've completed any items and want to get them out of the house, call one of the Good Cheer ladies and we'll take them off your hands. We're all in the directory. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Good Cheer quilts May 2022

 The Good Cheer ladies were asked to come up with a program after the scheduled speaker canceled for the 2nd (!) time. We quickly put together a few things to do and things to watch, and got busy with preparations. We cut enough flannel for 20 quilts - which we took home and assembled - and ironed muslin to freezer paper for DIY quilt labels. The next Saturday we made 8 self binding flannel receiving blankets for a total of 28 quilts for guild members to tie during the meeting. 

Karen Hart kindly agreed to demo her great wool embroidery method, and Leslie Sowden showed how Good Cheer does the majority of their quilt binding by bringing the back around to the front and making tidy mitered corners.

Along with quilts made by guild members Nora Wells and Karen Maher who each made one, and Escondido South who made 7, the GC ladies made 4 more - one of which was made from orphan blocks given to us by White Elephant, and twenty one flannel quilts got tied at the meeting. Pillowcases - Debra Dubs 1, Rita McFarland 7, Barb Michalec 1, GC ladies 12.

Grand total dropped off to Interfaith - 34 quilts and 21pillowcases! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Good Cheer quilts April 2022

Well, blogger has a mind of its own today and will not accept the rotated version of two quilts, so you're seeing them sideways. Oh, well...
One member turned in a bag full of toiletry items - thanks! Two guild members turned in quilts - thank you very much. And 7 members turned in pillow cases - thanks to you too. If you still have a pillow case kit at home, please try to bring it to the May meeting. We'll have a lot of pillow case kits at the next meeting for those of you who'd like to make some.
The 5 members of the Good Cheer committee made 3 quilts from misc blocks and tops given to us by White Elephant. Many thanks to them for the ongoing supply of fun things to turn into cute quilts. We also made 6 quilts from scratch bringing the April total to 11. 5 women + 4 weeks = 9 quilts. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Good Cheer Quilts march 2022

Altogether in March we made a grand total of 9 quilts and 26 pillowcases. We also handed out 17 pillowcase kits at the March meeting. Thanks to everybody who took one. We'd appreciate getting those back in April since they take only a half hour or so. We also gave out a few quilt kits but don't keep track of those until they're returned.

All these items are donated to Interfaith in Escondido. When someone in their program gets into an apartment or home of their own, they can choose quilts and pillowcases from the ones we (and possibly other organizations) donate. Since we don't turn normally turn in near enough pillowcases to equal the quantity of quilts, we turned our focus to those this month. 

Happy sewing - Claire, Sue, Linda, Sandy & Leslie

Flannel pillowcases.
Cotton pillowcases.

The next 4 quilts were White Elephant donations of partial blocks 
that the Good Cheer ladies salvaged with a little creativity and made into great quilts! 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Good Cheer Quilts February 2022

This month we received1 quilt and 1 pillowcase from Terry Gillette, 2 pillowcases from Dani Donnachie, and 1 pillowcase from Charlotte Huff. Thanks, ladies! 

The 5 women of the Good Cheer committee made 12 quilts, many of them from partially made blocks/quilts donated to us from White Elephant. We love the challenge of figuring out something good to do with abandoned projects.

Don't forget that we have a variety of Good Cheer quilt kits at our table. No time limit to get them done and everything but batting is in the bag. The need is endless and ongoing, and it's a very low cost way for you to make a difference for someone in the community. Stop by and pick one up at the march meeting.

Happy quilting - Claire, Sandy, Linda, Sue & Leslie