Wednesday, October 26, 2022

October 2022 Good Cheer Quilts

 We had an excellent return of pillow case kits this month - 31 total. Makers were Maggie Morales, Jill Conger, Rita McFayden, and the Good Cheer ladies. Those same four were the makers of the 19 quilts that were turned in. Thanks everyone - it's wonderful to see the big pile of things for Interfaith.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

September 2022 Good Cheer Quilts

Our guild meetings started back up this month and several members turned in quilts and pillow cases. 

Members who made pillow cases include Rita McFayden, Debra Dubbs and Toni Collins. Members who brought quilts include Jenn Lutes, Karen Maher, Charlotte Huff, and Escondido South, who made 16. Thanks to everyone who made items - they will all go to good use!

Many quilt kits were taken so we're expecting a good return in October. We have kits for all levels of quilting - you don't have to be a whiz-bang expert to make a quilt a kid will love. Everything but the batting is in the quilt kits, and the pillow case kits are complete and easy to make. Stop by the Good Cheer table at the next meeting!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Good Cheer panel quilts Summer 2022

 The Good Cheer group had accumulated several panels and decided that each of us should take one or more home and make a quilt from it. So we did and these quilts are the result. I'm not going to say who made which ones cause I can't entirely remember! We did these a few meetings back. (And thanks to Sandy for quilting mine when I inadvertently left it at her house.)

Good Cheer Quilts summer 2022

 The first 5 quilts were made from donated blocks given to us by White Elephant. We make excellent use of pretty much everything they give us and we enjoy figuring out a way to make them work.

The rest of the quilts were made by one of the GC ladies or by guild members. Thanks to everyone who takes our kits and brings us back a quilt or pillowcase!

Good Cheer group quilts Aug 2022

 These 9 quilts are ones the 5 Good Cheer women made. One of us chooses a pattern and passes out instructions, maybe some fabric, maybe not, and we all go make however many blocks we're told to. We bring them back in 2 weeks to our next meeting, the block originator takes them home, finishes the quilt and brings it back 2 weeks later. We take turns being the block person. These quilts were made over the summer.