Monday, September 26, 2011

free images - vintage Halloween postcards

These were sent to my maternal grandmother from 1908-1910, back when it cost a penny to mail a postcard. Love how it was spelled Hallowe'en.   Please let me know if you make anything cool with them.


  1. Very cute old postcards. Thanks for posting them.
    Aloha, Kate

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  3. Way cool Leslie - love the imagery.But something about "good wishes" beside an old witch. hmmm..Jewels

  4. Yeah, they're pretty cool. Just the fact that they're over 100 years old blows me away. And that they spelled it Hallowe'en.
    Well, maybe she's a friendly old witch. She doesn't look too grim...

  5. What cool postcards. I bet your grandma loved getting mail as much as we do. And to think you keep them all these years. I really enjoy the old images, something soft and dear. Thanks for sharing them.