Tuesday, May 19, 2015

baby animals! (lots of pics)

Various baby animals I've been around lately. Lots of foals out at the ranch. Wish my legs were that long.

zzz zzz zzz   Every now and then he'd sigh and groan. 
There are a ton of babies - somewhere around 80.
Field after field of mares and foals.
Love how the mares just stand over their baby while it's sleeping.
Hen and more chicks than I could count cause they never held still.

Had a batch of 5 kittens for a week while their real foster mom was out of town.
Five is one too many, couldn't keep track or defend myself lol.
Have another batch of 4 coming tomorrow or maybe Thursday.
Not sure how long they're staying.
Not sure I took any clear pics cause they were always in motion.
All 5 in this pic.
Here's all 5 again, you just can't quite see the 5th one buried in the pile.
Two were identical right down to the spots on their bellies and the lines
on their faces. If I was going to have them for a while, I'd put blue food
coloring on one's head or something. The orange one was a biter.
Maggie meets the kittens. She was fascinated, they didn't much care.