Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AJC 2014 digital collage #1

Tangie is doing the Art Journal Caravan one last year and then it'll all be over. Right now the cost is $39.95 which you get back in the form of credit to use in her shop. If you like to do digital journaling, or want to get started in it, this is a deal you shouldn't pass up.

I recently made my first collage using the initial kit you get when you sign up. When I don't do it for a while, I forget how much fun digi collaging is. You can't make a mistake - the ink never runs, the paper doesn't tear, the glue stick doesn't get all over the place (or is that just me?) - and you can try any number of effects before settling on the ones you like best. It's very cool.

There's no deep meaning to this piece (I don't do deep), I just used elements I liked and played around with blending modes, levels and hues until it seemed 'done' to me.

Double click to embiggen the collage so that you can really see the detail.

couldn't have said it better...

Frieda Oxenham wrote what I would write about the turning of the year if I were half as well-read, a third as philosophically inclined, and a quarter the writer she is, AND lived in Scotland to get those great photos.

Well done, Frieda, and I encourage you all to go read her excellent post and enjoy her lovely ancient graveyard images.

Best wishes to all who pass this way for a 2014 in which you find peace and contentment.

Friday, December 27, 2013

MMSA bird postcards

I was happy to see Karen announce a bird postcard swap back in November, I think it was, since I like birds. I posted my outgoing cards and now here are the ones I got back. All good ones, in keeping with most of the work done in the MMSA swaps. 
Made by Nydia, this card features here hand drawn and colored bird,
some washi tape and doodling on a painted background.
I love the little bluebird.

Made by Valerie, this card is bird images from magazines and
postage stamps on doodled card stock.
The bird with the crossed beak is interesting,
as that actually happens in nature. I like the balance that this card has.

Made by Trula, this card is collaged, colored,
then sanded or scraped to give it a worn look that I quite like.
I also like the oddball selection of images that
have nothing in common but make a cool collage. 

ATCs from AJC swap

Susan, Katrina, Kris, Carolyn 
Here are the returns from the AJC ATC swap.

Every time I receive a large-ish batch of a given media - ATCs, postcards, whatever - I'm struck by how individual we each are as artists. The only "rule" for this swap was that the ATCs be mixed media, at least 3 techniques used. Consequently, there's everything under the sun on these cards - collage, paint, gelli printing, stamping, stenciling, drawing, lettering, stickies, stitching, embossing, glitter. You name it, it's on these somewhere. They're great! Thanks to everyone who participated, these were really fun to receive.

Artists are noted below each image, clockwise from upper left.

Sandi, Tangie, Jo, Rain

Debbie (pirate), Linda, Carol

Sunday, December 15, 2013

command performance

Well, a request, actually, but since I don't get too many direct requests for a specific piece of artwork, it *feels* as grand as a command performance.

One of my mail art buds, Beth, is doing the sketchbook challenge to the theme of 'postage stamp head people'. (just go look at her blog) She asked if I'd like to contribute a page and I jumped at the chance. I haven't done the challenge ever, for a number of reasons, but was thrilled at the chance to be in someone's book. 

I spent 30 minutes sifting thru my box of postage stamps (thanks, Rhonda) and found a bunch of heads. Then I paged thru a Vogue, trying hard not to get distracted by the articles, until I found a few bodies that would work, size-wise and with the stamps I had. 

Fussy cut the bodies, glued the heads on, glued them to the gelli print background and embellished a little. Wa-la.

They crack me up.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

digital collage 'remember me'

Made in response to a call for art by Tangie of Art Journal Caravan. Everyone's submissions will be assembled into a digital book available for purchase at some point. It's at 300dpi so you can click (or maybe double click) on it for a huge view.

Started with two background papers blended with a grungy overlay. Added some stamps, blended in.

Used many images of my mom, Virginia, and her mother, Theresa. (mother theresa - ha!) She's the center image and the two going down to the left from there. She was dead at age 36 from breast cancer.

Used digital washi tape on most of them, staples on one and a paper clip on another. Added a butterfly image.

Added a cluster of flowers at lower left and some layered old papers at lower right.

I'm really happy with this. Love the color, the grunge, all the vintage images, the stamps in the background.

Monday, December 2, 2013

ATCs for AJC

Welcome to Acronyms R Us.

Tangie of the Art Journal Caravan (2014 signups available now) (it will be the last year) announced an ATC swap open to AJC members. Since I've only ever seen digital work from most of the caravanners, I thought it sounded like fun, plus I like making ATCs, so I signed up.

You had to make 12 of them, alike or different so I got out my ATC box full of backgrounds, partially completed ATCs, ATC stamps, ATC sleeves, etc, and dug around. I found enough partial ones to swap with just an afternoon's work in finishing them off. Some were pretty much done but I added doodling or stamps to perk them up a little.

I'll get 10 in return in a couple weeks and it'll be fun to see them.

Looking at the pictures I just uploaded, they're quite a mixed bag of techniques, materials, and time periods. Everything from vintage ledger paper to last week's magazines.