Monday, October 28, 2013

bird postcards!

I like birds. I like tame ones (I own a parrot) and wild ones (my entire back patio is a bird feeder), birds in books and on mugs, and I especially like them in art. When Karen at MMSA announced a bird theme postcard swap, I stood up and cheered.

Our store is closed Sunday and Monday so those are usually my days off but today I went in at 7am so the sprinkler repair guy could do his thing without people in the way. I took a bunch of supplies and made bird postcards while I was there. Best day at work I've ever had!

The first two have vintage paper backgrounds with graphics from some collage sheets by Tangie Baxter. I didn't buy the pack shown at the link but picked up some when I was in AZ a couple weeks ago. Added some appropriate book text, a little shadowing, and was done.

The third is a gelli print back ground on which I drew one of my world famous birds (the *only* thing I can draw), some washi tape, a strip of text from a magazine, and some edge shading with gel sticks which isn't showing up in this scan at all. The coloring on the bird was done with Copic markers.

Hope I get some good ones back!


  1. Those turned out nice! You gonna post the cute one you made on Sunday? I am curious which side you end up liking better?

  2. WOW! You are on a roll, girl. I love your bird postcards. Sometimes easiest is best. What a great way to go to work. Hugs.

  3. Great work! I was thrilled to see the bird theme to and have a couple made but have grand ideas for a couple more. It's one of my fave themes .... I'm actually working on being able to draw something resembling a bird. It seems like it should be so easy, but I'm not finding that to be the case! Tips? :)

  4. Oh.My. I'd be thrilled to get any of those! I, too, was so happy that the MMSA swap is birdies....

  5. I love these! I need to try some of these swaps.

  6. Good day at work indeed LOL...nice