Saturday, October 19, 2013

AZ workshop journal (lots of pics!)

Front cover
The mariner's compass is actually glued to the page two images down.
You're seeing thru a hole cut into this page.
Click (or maybe double-click) on the pics to embiggen them. There are a ton of techniques on all these pages but I simply don't have the energy to caption them one by one and call out what's on them. I'll caption a couple that have something really interesting but otherwise there's scraped paint, sprayed ink, stencils, stamps, gel medium transfers, Neo Color IIs, gel sticks (gelatos), marker, pen, collage, cutouts (holes cut into the page).  If you have a question about something in particular, ask away. 

All these pages are from a journal made of just three pieces of paper. The outside piece has a short foldout at each end. The second piece has a full foldout on the right. The third (inner) piece has a full foldout on the left. Very cool design and fun to work on. Tangie's husband Dave makes them for her classes and for sale.

Lots of masking tape put onto page before scraping 2 colors of paint across it.
Makes a very cool background.

Took one of Tangie's cool journal pages (printed out that you can buy
altho this one came with the class) just torn up with no thought
to what would end up on each piece, then glued down, also pretty randomly,
altho I did place the girl and the word 'found'. Love this look.

The little pocket at bottom right holds a Fugi Instax Mini pic
that Tangie took of each of us. 

Another hole cut in the page to view the sunburst on the following page.

Looking thru the hole from the back of the page.

And here's the sunburst from two images up.

The girl at bottom left is a gel medium transfer done directly onto the page.

This image and the one below are the front and back of a short foldout.
Some of the other pages are foldouts too but full size.

The back.
I very carefully decided where I wanted to stamp my hand carved 'dream' stamp,
then proceeded to stamp the damn thing upside down. 


  1. Oh stunning these are! Any info on how we can order the books?

  2. excellent...thank you much for sharing! ;D

  3. OMG Those are great!!! Amazing colors, textures, designs... I cannot wait to see them in person! I may even have to go to one of her workshops -- looks like you got so much inspiration!! My jaw has dropped!!! Now I wanna play!!

  4. This is very very cool Leslie - what kind of paper was used for the book and how was it bound? You've given me lots of ideas....

  5. what a wonderful book - bursting with creative energy. I love the interactive nature of the holes in the page.

  6. Layer upon layer of fun - wow! I can tell you've had a great time with creating these!