Wednesday, October 9, 2013

painting papers...

...with gelli plate and credit card. 

The first 3 are acrylic paint scraped onto the paper with a credit card. The rest are all gelli plate using masks and the end of a paint brush to dab paint on. 

Substrate is scrap paper from work - heavy white paper dividers and used file folders. 

This batch all started cause I was trying to fit the paints I'd just bought into the paint holding crate and it wasn't working too well. So I decided I'd use up a batch of Liquitex bottles that took up too much space.

Well, it's amazing how much paint is actually in a bottle that feels practically empty. I kept rolling on, printing off, but still the paint kept coming. I did manage to use of 2 of the 5, so that helped some.

These are most likely destined for postcard backgrounds.

These are scanned at 300 dpi so feel free to download them for digi use, regular paper collage, whatever. Just don't claim them as your own or sell them, please.


  1. Wow, Leslie, these are fabulous! I especially love the dotted papers -- must try that!

  2. Really like the last two green ones. Great job, L. Hugs.

  3. Leslie, these are beautiful! I love the first set, especially #1. and the green ones at the end. And thank you for being so generous.

  4. A-MAZ-ing! great colors and shapes and perfect p/c backgrounds. I like using my gelli prints for that as've really got some scrapey goodness goin' on here! Inspired me once again and if I can find some time this weekend, gelli is coming out again..........