Tuesday, October 1, 2013

digital collage - ciao

Haven't done a digital collage in ages. Months. Just got caught up in paper, I guess, but tonite I was in the mood and made this one. 

All the elements are from the AJC 2013 September kit which was Italy. I think I'd really like Italy if I ever got there. But that's prolly not gonna happen so I'll make collages instead.


  1. Interesting that you should feel like digi collage now.....I've been feeling the same urge recently. Maybe it's cuz I have a cold and don't feel like getting all gluey and painty and sitting at the computer is about all the energy I can summon. Your fabulous collage is inspiring - I might just actually do it tonight instead of thinking about it :) Thanks for sharing (and yes, I'm sure you'd adore Italy....it's inspiration heaven!)

  2. You would love Italy! I could go with you and show you all the cool ink and paper stores in Florence and Rome... oh yeah!