Thursday, February 11, 2016

[3 sc, sk 2 sc, 3 dc in ch sp] repeat across row

Woah - a blog post! Don't fall out of your chair. Guilt has finally driven me to update this poor blog. Can't blog worth a hoot on my phone and the tablet was worse, so sorta just gave up. BUT - I have a new laptop so will try to get back into blogging a bit more often than every 3 months lol.

I've been on a crocheting jag that shows no signs of quitting any time soon. My San Diego pal Julie is a serious crocheter also and when we get in the same room, our output  increases exponentially.

While at her house for 3.5 days in November I finished a shawl and started and almost finished a scarf. While visiting again in January, I finished a scarf, started and finished another scarf, and started a third for the plane home. It's wonderful to have the entire to do nothing but create fun stuff with pretty yarn. Since she had to cook and drive, she didn't get quite as much done but still made serious progress on her shawl and hat and scarf!

Made this adorable hat in a couple hours. Yay for bulky yarn.
Pattern is the Seamless Spiral Slouch. Amy loved it
and that's a good thing cause it replaces the leg warmers
I just couldn't bring myself to finish after the second came out
an inch off from the first one.

Mmm...Malabrigo. This is Rios in Jupiter.
Used the Aspen Cowl pattern but just made it a scarf
since I hate yanking cowls over my head every time I heat up.
Love the pattern, love the yarn.

This is a Spring Petals scarf.
Can't remember what the blasted yarn is. Hopefully I can find
the ball band at home in the disaster that it my studio and
kitchen and family room.

This is an Elise shawl, a pattern that Julie found on Rav
and made one of. I loved hers so dashed off one for myself
in a colorway I was pretty sure I didn't like. But when it was done,
it grew on me, especially with my lavender sweater.
Yarn is Twisted Fiber Art Organic Stripes. Closeup below.

Another Spring Petals scarf. It works up so differently
 in various yarns that I may end up with a bunch of them.
Yarn is Ruby Sapphire in a discontinued sock yarn
that is just magical. So sad she doesn't make it any more.

Last but not least, a Sezession I shawl.
Again I don't remember the damn yarn.
That's why you should put your blasted yarn
in Rav the instant you buy it!
Great pattern, I have at least two others,
and the yarn is lovely, a dark gray-green and
dark gray-blue that works as a neutral.
Another shot below.