Thursday, October 17, 2013

go fish MMSA swap

(Wrote this post weeks ago but never posted it for some now-forgotten reason.)

As of mailing these off this morning, I'm completely caught up on outgoing swaps. Well, MMSA swaps, I should clarify. Need to get a bunch of private swap cards finished and mailed. Maybe tonight while DH is stuck at work doing month end.

Put A Fish On It was fun. I didn't wanna just go find some pics of fish in a magazine and cut them out. But I can't really draw or paint well enough to do fish that way. I was flipping thru a brochure for European river cruises, which sounds like a blast, and waiting for inspiration to strike when I decided to cut fish shapes from the pretty images and maps.

So we have here city fish and map fish.

Plus one belligerent actual fish in with some wrapping paper catalog fish.

A couple gelli print backgrounds, a shiny pink card, and a NeocolorII watercolor paper card. Some gel pen doodling, and we're done.


  1. Love the "Whatta you lookin' at?" card. Clever clever.

  2. Love your map fishies. Great way to use your neat backgrounds. Hugs.