Tuesday, November 5, 2013

misc mail art

I'm a slug about blogging lately. Not sure what the problem is but I'll try to get back to it more regularly!

Been making postcards lately from the plethora of magazines I've accumulated recently. A big stash of Nat'l Geo and Bon Apetit from a yard sale. A stack of Minerva, an antiquities journal full of ancient statues, coins, etc, from the library. And a big pile of Oprahs which I think I've mentioned before.

I go thru them while watching the tube in the evening, tearing out pages with images that appeal to me, then cutting them out when I've got a good pile. Even the most fascinating program rarely completely holds my attention so I like to have something else going on - crocheting, paging thru art books, whatever - I can't just sit and stare at the screen.

Anyway, I had a box full of images and all day Monday to play with them since my poor husband had to work on one of his days off. I made a big pot of rustic cabbage soup in between postcards, to use up the last cabbage from my rapidly declining garden.

Now that I see these on the screen, a few of them need some doodling or something. 

When (finally) done, these'll go out to various mail art pals, and eventually something fun from them will show up in my mail box. If you're not currently doing mail art, you should give it a try. So much fun to get something neat in the mail.


  1. As I read your post today I kept thinking - that's me too, that's me too. I do watch a fair amount of TV, but rarely without doing something else too - I treat it almost like radio: something to listen to and glance up every once in awhile. Then when I read that after you saw them on the screen you felt like the cards needed a little something else, I had to smile - that happens to me all the time. After I take a photo and look at it I can see glaring issues of the art/card/whatever that I don't notice when holding it. I don't know about cabbage soup though..... :)

    The cards are fun and creative and I have a stack of magazines too; maybe that's how I'll fill my TV time tonite!

  2. joining in on the chorus of "me too"
    must keep my hands busy while watching TV or I will fall asleep, but it drives my family wild if I'm tearing/cutting/crinkling paper while we're watching something together, so I am more likely to knit or doodle during TV time. and taking pictures of my art always changes my opinion about it - sometimes I actually like it better, sometimes it reveals the weaknesses. I keep my camera handy and snap pictures of various compositions and then compare them all on the laptop and see which I like best before gluing down. what does that say that I trust the screen more than my eyes? regardless...I love these collages of yours!

  3. The one thing I have really too much of right now is magazines. Apparently I need to watch more TV and go through them for collage goodies. I think I will assign myself that task. I love seeing how people use magazine images. Lovely cards Leslie.

  4. Ooooh i love that san Francisco card -- very cool! And I am exactly like you -- I am always doing something else while (half)watching tv. I just can't sit there and do nothing ether. I love tearing up magazines to. I see now I am in good company.