Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This postcard began life as a punched out part of a corrugated cardboard marketing display that arrived at work a few weeks ago. I liked the shape, so it sat on my desk for at least a week. Every time I started to throw it away, I hesitated, then put it back on my desk. After a week or two of that, I put it in my back-and-forth-to-work bag and hauled it home where it sat on my art table for another week or so.

The other day I was casting about for something to work on, not too involved, not themed - just something I could throw some art at for a while until the washer finished the load of whites. I spied the cardboard piece and decided to collage it with... with... <lots of thinking at this point> with gelli printed deli papers! I have a huge box of them, so I rummaged thru and began to paste down random strips across the card.

I liked it when I was done but it needed something else so I added some vertical strips, then more little bits here and there. I loved the colors but it sat on the table for a few more days cause it just didn't feel 'done'. Then I came across the text in a magazine - glued it down, scribbled a border around it and was satisfied.

It's fairly large, almost 8" across, and it's going off to an occasional mail art friend who has sent me a few really neat cards. I'll do a post about them one of these days.


  1. Love how the colors work together! And what a cool shape!

  2. Wow that was ambitious - the things we do while getting laundry done LOL...I like it!

  3. Most excellent - and a good use of laundry down-time! I love this card and that it took awhile to realize its potential. Fab job!

  4. I would have totally kept that circle too. (add one more thing to the "too good to throw away, I'll use it someday" pile)
    Good for you for actually using it. I love the results you got with your layers of papers.
    (and I'm tickled by the the phrase "something I could throw some art at")