Saturday, November 16, 2013

incoming MMSA swaps

MMSA brown swap - a great vintage card from Julie in GA. Love the variety of papers, shapes and lines going on here, and the old feel to it. Very nice. Vintage is truly my first love and wedding pictures knock me out. I always wanna know the rest of the story.

MMSA brown swap - from Judith in VA. She painted, stamped and doodled on kraft paper or possibly a paper bag. Abstract and lively. I like this one a lot cause it's a style that never crosses my mind to work in. Love all the circles too.

MMSA brown swap - from Terrie in CA, one of my regular mail art buds. This card is so cool in person. The background is cork! Like a bulletin board, but very thin. She said it's scrapbook paper that she's had for a while. And the woven thing is a chunk of place mat she sewed on. It's bronze metallic and works perfectly with the cork and stamp. Lots of texture and great browns on this very creative card. 

A late arrival from the MMSA Day of the Dead swap - from Lynn in CT. Love the turquoise skull since I'm still jonesing on all things turq. The flowers and the striped paper make a cool background. Good job, Lynn.

MMSA security envelope swap - from MaryLou in FL. The entire thing is collaged from the huge variety of patterns you can find inside security envelopes. She tinted them with paint(?) and made a cute kitty. Love the caption. Very creative.  


  1. Hi Leslie, thanks for posting my kitty. I'm glad you like it. I used Pitt Pens to color the strips of security envelopes. Christie

  2. Wow Leslie - some wonderful art that you received! Love all the variations on brown .....