Monday, November 25, 2013

mmsa white swap

I love these monochromatic swaps. We've pretty much run thru the color wheel and are finishing up the year with white, which I loved working in. Karen announced this swap well advance and I've been tearing out pages of white stuff for weeks and fussy cutting them out on the couch in the evenings.

So when I sat down to make the cards, I had a file folder full of things all ready to go. I *really* enjoyed working like that, instead of having to stop creating in order to find and cut more stuff out.

These are very random collages in that there's no story, just a pleasing arrangement of white-ish objects. I did not shadow any of them, which means there's very little depth but preserves the white.

Anyway, here are my white cards. I had another but got turquoise paint on the damn thing somewhere along the way and will have to repair it and use it for a private swap.


  1. I especially love this bunch of cards!

  2. Wow - really fun. I really like the monochromatic ones too and white was a little challenging, but all the better for the challenge. Good job on yours!