Tuesday, December 31, 2013

couldn't have said it better...

Frieda Oxenham wrote what I would write about the turning of the year if I were half as well-read, a third as philosophically inclined, and a quarter the writer she is, AND lived in Scotland to get those great photos.

Well done, Frieda, and I encourage you all to go read her excellent post and enjoy her lovely ancient graveyard images.

Best wishes to all who pass this way for a 2014 in which you find peace and contentment.


  1. Hear hear Leslie - I totally agree it was very well done....Jewels

  2. Wishing you Great Joy in 2014. Good health and abundant happiness to you and yours. Cheers.

  3. I agree so much with Freida's post... it is just US who make the New Year of importance, we could start fresh anytime! That said, Happy New Year! LOL