Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall Fearless & Fly Dec 2012

This is the left side of my spread, with a little bit
that flips out to the side. The journal I'm using is
 too large to scan both pages at once. I tore bits and
pieces from a wide variety of papers, plus a few
pictures from magazines, and collaged them onto
the spread.
Artists in Blogland began a series of challenges called Fall Fearless and Fly.    There are always 3 prompts - a headline, a color, and a quote. I chose the color prompt - what is your favorite color, now or from childhood?

As usual, I've been watching, not playing along, until now. For whatever reason, the color prompt got me going. I've caught the aqua itch, along with the rest of the country. Aqua and brown, aqua and pink, all sorts of great color combos fill the magazines.

I journaled a bit about a green top my mom bought me decades ago, and how much I'd prolly like that top now, but absolutely hated it then. Teenagers are such shits. At least I was...

The headline prompt was: Lifelong Fan:  What or who have you consistently valued or looked up to in your life?  What lessons have you learned from people you admire?

And the right side. I was surprised at what all
I found in the colors I was looking for -
nail polish, eye shadow, some glitter circles
and of course the gorgeous sea.
I thought about that for several days, sure that someone would eventually come to mind, but no one did. I thought that was kinda weird, but the more I mulled it over, I began to realize that since my late teens I have always relied so much on my own instincts and inner strength to get me thru things, that no one else stood a chance. After enough disappointments and let downs, you learn that you are the only one you can truly rely on. I have no intention of using this blog as a self-analysis space, but that prompt did make me think a lot about why there was no one in my life that I look up to and have learned from.

This is one of my favorite journal spreads, mostly due to all those lovely colors. Click (or maybe double click) on the pics to see the super-sized versions.


  1. I love these! You are right about aqua being very popular right now. It is one of my favorites too!

  2. Fantastic colors and I think your introspection is really great. That's what these challenges have been all about. Thanks for joining Fall Fearless and Fly!

  3. I like the assortment of images you chose. Very nicely arranged, too, looks like an enjoyable page to have worked on. Always a treat to take a peek into an art journal. :) Thanks for posting.

  4. Great journal pages and colour choices....

  5. Glad you jumped it - it's so fun to see how everyone interprets the prompts. I love your composition and colors.

  6. Those colors are great! Your lettering is very nice also!