Sunday, July 28, 2013

going postal

An upcoming MMSA swap is postal themed ATCs. When Rhonda came to visit for the day, we pretty much had no idea what we were going to work on so she just brought a bunch of supplies.

We always spend a lot of time showing each other new blogs we've found, or new/cool/usefull sites (instapaper!!)  and running our mouths about whatever we've been up to since we last got together. (She's been to Alaska and Oregon. I've been exactly nowhere except to work and back.)

But we finally got around to doing some art and one of the things we did was make postal ATCs for the swap. I scored several packs of ATC watercolor blanks for a quarter a pack in some closeout bin or other so we used those.

Rhonda immediately put a lot of color on hers while I glued Italian book text to mine. I have a bunch of postal theme rubber stamps and lots of used postage stamps (remember that yard sale?), plus some postage info pages from an old Almanac so between all that we had a lot of stuff to use.

You can *so* see our art styles reflected in our respective ATCs. Anyone who knew us a bit could tell whose was whose at a glance.


  1. lOVE Stamps...I use them in my small collages!

  2. Nice use of all those stamps. They will make wonderful post cards. xox

  3. Great ATCs....hope I get one. I sent in mine a while ago - it's my first ATC swap and was really fun. You've got some great stamps there - so colorful!

  4. These are fabulous -- love them. If you have an extra ATC want to personally trade? Since the lovely USPS lost the envelope I sent to the MMSA swap I am missing out of this whole sad....I think you and Rhonda both made terrific cards.

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  6. I had so much fun yesterday Leslie!! And then this morning I doodled more on my ATCs so I have posted an updated photo here here for ya!
    Now I am off to cut more paper and make more for another swap!

  7. I love that each of your cards are so unique. It's amazing that a group of people can take the same prompt and same basic supplies and create such different works of art. love love love.