Monday, June 29, 2015

put a bird on it

Inspired by a postage stamp of a many - colored bird. Marker, watercolor, hand carved stamp - all in a little nature journal I made last week. The little feather is from the belly of my mean parrot Winston.
I'm just gluing in things I like and working on whatever page appeals to me at the time. A way of working that I've decided suits me much better than one thing at a time, or a given thing on a certain day, like icad.
I'd been mildly agonizing that I wasn't doing much art but, like most things, my desire for it comes and goes and eventually returns again. Wandering around thru this journal is perfect.


  1. Love this page! Your colors are so bright! The stamps and feather are perfect for it! Now I gotta go watch that Portlandia episode and get a morning laugh! Put a bird on it! haha

  2. That's a really fun way to work. I have several notebooks like that, and when I'm working in them I think "I'm going to do this every day forever" and then of course I lose interest, or something else comes along to shift my focus. (and I swear I'm going to do THAT every day.)
    I quite like your parrot page and the way it is loose but hangs together so well.