Sunday, September 20, 2015

early September postcards

I'm finally back in the making art mood. Don't where it went all those months. Actually, I do know. I was reading my way thru all 5 available Game of Thrones books. What a great saga. Looking forward to the last two books, along with 47 million other people. Haven't watched the HBO series for the simple reason that we don't get HBO. So far the world hasn't ceased to turn, but at some point we'll need to sign up for a 3 month special or something cause I would like to see it.

Anyway, been knocking out postcards. Techniques and subjects have no discernible relation to one another, just whatever catches my eye. Seems I make art like I live my life, no real plan. Prolly not the best way, but a bit late to change it all now. This is the batch with a vintage feel.

These are all available if you'd like to trade. Just email me.
The bit of text cracked me up. Tried to find a photo it fit
but ended up liking it as the only element.
Misc gelli prints background with a bit of vintage photo.
Security envelopes, a few other papers and a photo of two kids.
Bird images from an old book, colored a bit,
old book text, Stabilo All pencil marks.


  1. So glad you're back to making shit. I mean stuff. Not that your stuff is shit. I love your shit! I also love Game of Thrones, but I've done the opposite: I've binge-watched the hell out of that show, but have not read the books, but I would like to, as several people have recommended them. You may be able to get the dvds from your local library. And if not, I have several seasons--at least the first three--and would be happy to loan them to you. It would be just like netflix, except with better looking envelopes. :-)

  2. I like these! The 3rd one is my FAVE!

  3. So glad to see your postcards again! Love the first and last ones best, and I must owe you one...will sort through my new bunch and send,

  4. So glad to see your postcards again! Love the first and last ones best, and I must owe you one...will sort through my new bunch and send,

  5. I like the subtle colors and placement of the words in the first one. It works very well without a photo.

  6. OooOooooo I love them -- especially that first one. Can I have it???lol Doesn't hurt to ask. Glad you got your mojo back. And I loved my most recent postcard with the typewriter -- thank you!

  7. I still have to catch up with making post cards! LOL Glad to see you have been arty lately again! Love your work!

  8. Very nice! I like the first one the best, but if I had to choose one, I would choose them all! ;)

    I would love to swap one with you!

  9. Our lives have been on parallel tracks - I've also been away from my art for several months and reading like a fiend - though my reading has been all over the place with the FB reading challenge I'm doing. I read Game of Thrones a couple years ago and really liked it but it's definitely a time commitment. We watched the shows via Netflix and while fairly different from the books (as I"m sure you've heard), they are good in their own right. It's nice to see faces for familiar characters.
    And - beautiful work on the postcards.....when I get back from our trip I'm definitely going to get back into the artsy mode. I'm sure. I'm pretty sure. :)