Tuesday, November 3, 2015

autumn arrived yesterday

It finally felt like serious autumn yesterday. I woke up at 430 to a power outage which came back on around 6am. It was raining when I went downstairs, pulling my old flannel shirt close around me in the chilly house.
I opened the slider and stood in the door way listening to the rain patterning thru the leaves and smelling the wonderful freshness of it.
The rain kept up most of the day, much to the disgust of the dog who hates to get wet when she piddles. Much dithering under the patio, then a dash to what she perceives is a drier part of the soggy back yard, a quick squat, and zoom back into the house, to her pillow on the couch.
The rain didn't deter the patio birds much. I put seed out when I saw them in the trees and damp doves and bedraggled sparrows came swooping in for breakfast. Oddly, the feisty jays were dry. Wonder what their trick is.
I love rainy days and spent most of yesterday at home, bundled up a bit so I could have the slider open. It never got above 60 degrees and I often found myself just standing at the door, feeling like I was back in Michigan on a typical autumn day. It was wonderful.


  1. Lovely Leslie but I have to tell you we are breaking records here in Mid Michigan - 74 degrees (I think Flint hit 80!)....but you know how it is - it won't last long...

  2. I love it when the rains start... makes me want to cuddle up and even maybe do some art again! At least some sewing... Although... now we are scheduled for another week of raising temps and no rain -- which Ma Nature would make up her mind!