Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kittens passing thru

These first 2 pics are three feral kittens who spent a hectic couple weeks in my guest room while I tried to tame them enuf for adoption. Not super successful at it, they were tough little street kitties and weren't much interested in pets and cuddles.
My feral cat rescue pal Donna swapped them out for 2 who were a bit friendlier and just need to make weight [2lbs] so the could get spayed and start going to mobile adoption.
Steve is holding one, and the other pic is the two of them wrestling in the pink cat house. Not easy to get an in-focus shot of playing kitties.
[If you have a playful cat you need one of these from The Walmarts. It's very lightweight, see thru, bounces all over, and every kitten who's come thru here has loved it.]
Those two left on Sunday and I spent an hour or two vacuuming up kitty litter from every corner and rearranging the room. Need to decorate again so it's ready for company. Donna is moving back to Berkeley so I won't be fostering kitties any more. Too far a drive. But that's ok. It was great fun and I'll still be involved in feral cat welfare. And I have Loki, a cat who deserves his own post.


  1. Awww! I love your cat posts! They make me really happy! My kitty is almost all grown up. She's probably doubled or tripled in size since we got her. She's still cuddly, but less so than when she was a baby. I miss it. But she is also a lot less psychotic, and I don't so much miss that. I look forward to Loki's post! (and thanks for the mail too. With any luck I'll write you back before 2016. :-)

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  3. Can't wait to meet Loki! It has been fun watching your adventures with all the kitties...