Monday, October 25, 2010

a few ATCs

Artist Trading Cards... when they first became popular, years ago, I couldn't really see the point. I made a few when I was crazy quilting, but never got the bug. Now that I'm collaging, however, I've realized they're a great size. Big enough to do something interesting, small enough not to be overwhelming.

This first one is so-so to me. I liked the little bird print but couldn't get terribly inspired about what to do with it. The bit of poem helped, but I'm not nuts about the stamp. Grunge-wise, it's fine, and I like the button and bits of old netting, but overall... not so much.

This one I like a lot. I printed the woman onto brown wrapping paper and used it as a shadow for the color print of her. The bit of map was town from an ad and the text was from an old book. I like the button this time as it pulls the color from her dress. The colors look rich and the torn paper background, altho ubiquitous in collaging - works here. The very top bits are masking tape that I rubbed over with a brown stamp pad to cover up some words that I didn't want showing.

This one makes me think 'Old Masters.' It just has that feel.

The picture of the pointing woman grabbed me immediately. I could just hear her shouting at the man to get the hell out! But don't forget to write. The aqua stamp pad I bought on a whim worked great here, picking up the background paper when I rubbed it along the edges.

The tiny image of the stamped letter was torn from a package of little paper bits that I bought. The scrap of lace is from my stash. Looking at it now, I maybe could have toned down the white letter piece some, it's a little bright, but overall, I like this one, mostly because of the feisty lady. For no particular reason, I imagine her speaking Italian.

I'd love to hear what you think of each of these. Art is very subjective, but comments help me see what you see, which helps me see differently, which helps me think outside my particular box.


  1. Actually I really like the top one. Sometimes simple is just right and I think this hit that mark. I love the idea of the pointing woman telling him to get the hell out but not to forget to write. LOL Nice work Leslie on all three!

  2. Thanks! Your site has given me a lot of inspiration.