Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday - Magic Web Pin

This week I'm looking back at a piece I made in a workshop with Christen Brown. She's a fabulous fiber artist who lives and works in San Diego. (where I used to live and still miss terribly!) I first met her through the Visions Quilt show where she had items for sale in the shop and was volunteering during the show. She had the cutest, tiniest store - The Store On The Corner in Old Town San Diego, packed full of more goodies than you could even take in during one visit, and we always took visiting crazy quilters there to spend a few bucks.

Magic Web Pin - class taught by Christen Brown
She moved the store at one point, then exhibited her items within another store, and now she has a website and an Etsy shop. I took many classes from her over the years - bracelets, tassles, one all about buttons - all were fun and informative. She still teaches in her charmingly converted old garage, and that's where I took this class. We used a variety of materials, most of which I no longer remember, but the gist of it was that we created a 'fabric' from Solvy and threads and snips of fabric and ribbons and laces, all randomly sewn down by machine. We embellished the fabric with beads and buttons, and then made a pin from it.

Mine is a seafoam green with touches of darker turquoise and bits of gold and bronze. I wore it occasionally and still love looking at it lying on the dresser scarf. I see that she still teaches it. It's called Magic Web and it was a full day of laughing and talking and walking to lunch at a nearby cafe. Some of my most fond memories are of classes I've taken with a group of like-minded women, sharing our materials and our passion for creating.

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