Thursday, March 31, 2011

brown paper bag swap cards (& returns)

The background for this swap had to be a brown paper bag, then you could do anything else on top of it. Here are my cards and those I received in return.

This has some painted paper bag pieces, then bubble wrap stamping, white insect stamps and a stamped FLY.

White gesso on this one with the printing from the bottom of the bag showing thru, then some postmark stamps in brown ink, and some collaged images.

On this one, I laid down pieces of bag from the center out, like piecing a crazy quilt block. Then I did each 'seam' in various markers to look like stitching. No idea if the person who received it appreciated all the detail work but it looked pretty cool.

Below are the cards I got back.
I have no idea what this is supposed to be...

This one is great - all the shading works really well and I like the colors. There's definitely something special about hand drawn cards.

This one is just a hoot.

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