Monday, March 28, 2011

I wish I was a fish swap (and returns)

Apparently I never blogged these at the time. The theme was wacky and it took me a while to get loosened up enough to think of something. I ended up making my fish from magazine images, then putting them on hand painted backgrounds.

These images look terrible, but oh well, the cards are long gone. The dog fish are speaking Italian to each other. Lots of blue gel pen bubbles. The blue dog was a lamp base and the red was a couch, I think.

This woman is pretending to be a fish, thus the 'feign.' In Italian again. I love that Italian verb conjugation book I scored at the library. The seaweed is wispy strips of text colored with various stamp pads. Her body was cut from the image of a sofa  pillow.

Here we have Marilyn Monroe being eaten by a fish. Another sofa pillow fish, I believe. She, too, is feigning, to be asleep this time. More Italian. Lots of bronze gel pen on this one and more blue bubbles.

These are the cards I got back. All three are nice. I like how the little girl looks just a bit bewildered by all the fish. The center one has some machine stitching on a hand drawn card, very cool. The blow fish is hand drawn also. He's great. I just love everyone's inventiveness in these swaps. Same theme - sooo many different interpretations.

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