Sunday, October 2, 2011

guerrilla painting

 I've had these two small chests of drawers for years. My friend Moneka was getting rid of the pink one when she moved, so of course I took it, and the other, I've had it so long that I now have no idea where it came from. For as long as I've had them, I've intended to paint them white to go with the rest of my shabby yard sale furniture, but have never gotten to it for any number of reasons - no paint, too lazy, bad weather, would rather eat cookies, etc, etc.

But this morning I was cleaning up the wreck I've made of the house the past week while Mr. OWH has been on a fishing trip, and I suddenly thought I'll paint those dressers. So I found some paint, dug out a brush, threw an old sheet down on the back patio, dragged the chests outside and went to work. A couple hours later, I had two very nice painted pieces of furniture that I'm much happier with than I was before.

Maggie the Painting Inspector checking out the first coat to make sure it's up to code.
(sorry for the rear view. she hates the camera and always walks off, so I have lots of shots like this.)
I'm too lazy to even take the stuff out of the drawers. I just painted the fronts and edges while being careful to not dangle drippy paintbrushes over the contents and it was fine.

Pink chest done, brown chest in progress. At this point I'm contemplating something besides white for the final coat.
And I ended up painting just the case a green that was left over from the 11 different paint samples I went thru trying to find a color that Mr. OWH and I could agree on for the inside of our house. Perfect.
And here it is back in the studio a few hours later. Love it. The painting on the wall above is a watercolor and charcoal of the lake where Mr. OWH's family camped when he was a kid. It was done sometime in the early 1960s on a piece of construction paper by a friend of his grandparents. Very cool.
And here's the pink one, no longer pink and back in place in the studio. Much better in white, no?


  1. Wow, what a little paint can do and a little energy.:))