Wednesday, October 12, 2011

true story

This happened to me this morning. It's the kind of random, goofy stuff that I just love.

I was working the grocery aisles at the local Walmart, perusing the olive oil offerings. There was a woman a few feet ahead of me, trying to work a bag of flour loose from a low shelf. She finally yanked one out, and in the process, dislodged another one which fell to the flour. She heaved a big sigh, sat her bag of flour in her cart and then bent over to put the fallen one back on the shelf. As she straightened up, our eyes met and I gave her a sympathetic eye roll.

She laughed and said, "I don't even know you but I got up this morning and wouldn't you know, the only underwear left in the drawer was the crazy ones, you know, the ones that give you a wedgie every time you bend over? So I decided, well, I just won't bend over today, and don't you know, all I've done is bend over about every five minutes!"

She laughed again, patted me on the arm and went off down the aisle without a backward glance.

True story.


  1. Hilarious L - sounds like she had a real sense of humour...J

  2. Too funny. I'll have to remember that when I need a good excuse for my sometimes crazy behavior. LOL

  3. And now she doesn't know a whole bunch who have read her story. LOL

  4. He he! I don't even know her but I love her after reading that!