Tuesday, March 27, 2012

found poetry the Shakespeare way

Jo in NZ is having a cool 'found poetry' contest/giveaway. You download one of the pages she provided, find your poetry on it, and turn it back in. I chose a page from King Henry VI. It happens to be the page where the son comes in with his father's dead body and it's all grief and rage and lamenting.

Amidst all that misery, I managed to find a love poem...

Go download a page and find your own poem. It's quite fun and the possibilities are endless. And enjoy the huge zentangles she does on book pages. Very cool!


  1. OOOH, Leslie, I love this! So cool how you turned a tragic scene to something so hopeful. I am sure Shakespeare wouldn't mind it either, because he was all for a good love story too :-)

  2. Thanks, Roberta, it's like recycling words. And it's addicting to try to find a flow of words that make sense.