Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Paper March Challenge

Time once again for Mary's monthly challenge. You can see the original images here, as well as the other entrants. The post will be updated with entries thru the 8th of March, so stop by toward the end to see them all. It's amazing how inventive some folks are. These really make me work because one of the images is usually black and white while the other two are color and I always have a tough time integrating them, but I'm happy with this one.

I went digital again. I'm having a lot of fun with Photoshop lately, trying all kinds of things just to see what happens. It's so much more forgiving than working with paper and glue, and the effects you can achieve are almost infinite.

I started with the image of the woman. I colorized her into a reddish hue. Then added an overlay of a map from the basic Art Journal Caravan package of goodies and tweaked the color, contrast and (something I can't remember) quite a bit. I then extracted the column of numbers from the attendance card and placed them down one side, again playing with the color and filter. Also extracted two words from the music sheet to play up her languid, sexy persona. And finally I added a splash of glittery sequin waste for some bling. Too much fun. Thanks, Mary, for another fun challenge.


  1. Wow! This is great! I love the color and the numbers down the side and how she looks so mysterious!

  2. Nice painterly effect with this. Gives the subject real character and makes for a strong image.

  3. Wow! I really like the way you have layered the images. Lots of mystery. You are getting really good at it. I think this could be for sale. Well. Done.
    Hugs from the blizzard zone,

  4. Lovely Collage, I love Mary's Challenges. Very nice blog also. Have a great day. Smiles, Carol Mae

  5. This piece is just beautiful. That grainy texture is AWESOME! The whole piece feels very Asian-inspired to me for some reason. Love it.

  6. Grainy and scratched and so effective. Gives a new aspect to "kitten," doesn't it?!

  7. This really resonates with me. Love the colors and textures! You also did a fantastic job of editing. Sometimes it's hard to know which bits to include and which to leave out. Brilliant!

  8. I absolutely love your digital creation -- great color combination and nice blends! :) If you ever feel like joining a group of digital art lovers, be sure to check our this Yahoo group.

    Happy creating,

    PS: Doesn't Mary have the best challenges?! :)