Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a better look

Here's a bunch of pics that give you a better look at the finished giveaway journal. I've captioned most of them, but if there's no caption, it's a pic of the inside pages.

Beginning to bind using some pretty turquoise thread I got while visiting Julie in San Diego.

Finished spine. 

Detail of cover. Dress tissue, spray ink thru stencils, black paint, gesso, collaged bits of paper, paint stamps with bottle caps and tape rolls, gesso thru stencils, black stamping. Used a lot of techniques on the covers and no particular plan, just added stuff till it looked good to me. 
Inside front cover and first page. Both inside covers are mostly vintage papers.

All the black stamps are Tangie Baxter's grunge stamps.
I have sets 2 and 3. Love them.

I added a small envelope with a painted tag.

Sprayed this with two colors of Dyelusions ink and got some real pretty color blending.

Inside back cover with a couple detail shots below.

Those bits of advertising are from a 1946 Popular Mechanics.
Wonder how well the 'poems set to music' guy did?


  1. I hope he wrote one or two songs for those poems, at least - hahahaha! Beautiful journal - those of you who craft with paper amaze me! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  2. Wow - what an amazing journal! and lucky recipient. I like that your put a little pattern/color on each page but left plenty of white space for writing or additional work of their own. Beautiful job!