Monday, February 10, 2014

MMSA outgoing (lots of pics)

I've spent the last few days getting ahead on the MMSA swaps so that I can have a chunk of time to work on a couple other things. Herewith is my artistic output from Thursday until today at noon. I also hit up the antique mall, read a bit, worked in a couple journals, and walked the dog! Love my weekends.

Look out, Karen, headed your way tomorrow!

Cats - I used a pic of Mabel, my rescued parking lot kitty, old music for a frame, shapes cut from a magazine, and some lettering.

Cats - an image from an old children's book, a scallop cut from wallpaper, a bit of text, and some doodling all on an old ledger page.

Cats - music background, doilies, gesso, a vintage kitty, and some book text.

Stars - book page background, gel stick coloring, gelli print stars, book page stars, lettering, doodling.

Stars - book page background, print of vintage girl, gelli print stars, stamping, and what you can't see hardly at all are a bunch of tiny pink stars done with a shiny gel pen. This card is much prettier in person.

Grid - scrapbook paper background, squares cut from grass and seaweed on rocks, doodling.

Grid - old vacation photo cut up and glued onto gelli printed phone book page, glued to card stock, doodling, stamping.

Altered - Monet painting altered with polka dot house, airplane, clock and lettering.

Altered - commercial postcard of angel painting altered with a book text shopping list, a gelli print edge and some doodles.


  1. These are all fantastic. Love the list on the last one.

  2. All gorgeous. I especially love the first stars one!

  3. Whoa - you have been busy! How is the parrot inflicted wound doing???

  4. Well, there isn't one here that isn't FABULOUS!!!!!

  5. Wow great cards! You have been so productive!! I need to grab some of that artistic energy when I see you!!

  6. Amazing! I like to work ahead too but missed a week with company, etc. so didn't get my cat ideas finished. But I'll definitely be back for the next ones. Hope I get one of yours in the mail :)

  7. Those are I wish I'd made some to swap. Lovely.

  8. Those are fabulous -- I really love your work and I agree with with Peggy (above)--now I wish I swapped too! xo

  9. woo hoo! what a fabulous bunch of cards. you were really on a roll.

  10. I absolutely LOVE these cards.....such creativity. Thank you for sharing.