Wednesday, August 27, 2014

more dog park sketching

Hit the dog park again on Monday and while Maggie ran her legs off, I sketched the trees in front of my bench. Didn't have my paints with me so finished it off this evening using memory and artistic license.

I've realized that I'm a lazy sketcher. I don't wanna scribble in enough pine needles beneath the trees to make it actually look like pine needles. So after I did the tree on the left, I didn't even bother with the tree on the right, but it needs it so I may add them in.

My shadows need work too. It all needs work but I'm enjoying it and the more I do, the less I care about the small stuff like pine needles. And maybe shadows. 

So my work will prolly always look something like this and amazingly enough, I'm ok with that. Which is a huge step forward from where I was before Mary Ann's class.

I got impatient and painted over the letters before the ink was dry. <sigh>


  1. smudging over paint or ink that hasn't dried is what I always do......your sketching is really looking good....I bet you are having fun with it...

  2. I like your trees! And everything I've read said DON'T draw every needle or leaf, just give the impression - which you did beautifully. Shadows are tough and I almost always wish I'd left my sad attempts at shadowing off. But, once in awhile they actually enhance. Sounds like I need practice, right?! You're inspiring me to sketch.....I think about it all the time so I must be getting closer to actually doing something......... Have a great long weekend.

  3. i agree , the work has really grown ! looks amazing ! Terrie is absolutely right in her comments ,and i love the coloring of that pine - you have some light play going on there. looking GOOOD !

  4. Looks great! I agree with all the comments above lol... less is more and you have really done well in your sketching journey! I better get sketching and practice!!

  5. I quite like your sketch. After all, a sketch is a sketch! I have the hardest time letting my layers dry before I go one. Patience is not my middle name!