Wednesday, November 12, 2014

almost scarf time

It's almost getting chilly enough for a scarf in the mornings, and once the weather cools off even a little, I start getting the itch to knit or crochet. Mostly crochet cause it's quicker and I'm better at it. I have a ton of Noro yarn and am determined to make things with it before I die, so I chose a pretty Silk Garden Lite and made this simple scarf. Love those color changes. I have another in the works already, a diff pattern using Noro Sock, thinner than this yarn and different colors.
Just getting to the colors I like best,
the grays and aquas.
All done, took about 5 days of working on it when
I was waiting for other things to happen or
watching the boob tube.

Didn't bother to block it cause it's pretty flat already
and I didn't want the edge loops to be all pointy.
It's about 6" wide, 4.5ft long

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