Sunday, November 16, 2014

sketching a la Jane La Fazio

I signed up for Jane's sketching book class and lesson two was yesterday, painting fruit. Didn't have time till today, then got a lot done.
I do enjoy painting persimmons. This one is not bad.
Shadow is too big, didn't occur to me to cur it off with the frame.
Shadow really was that big, from the low morning light.
Wrote a haiku. I ate tons of persimmons last fall but this year
Got a rash around my mouth and it's the only new thing I'd been eating.
It's an unsightly rash, so I'm laying off persimmons just in case.

Next up was a lime, which didn't excite me from the start
cause there just isn't much happening with a lime.
The cross section is better but now the pulp areas look too dark.
Ah well.
So then I tried a banana and I'm really pleased with it.
Was using the overhead light so the shadow is tight and dark.
Coming up with a type face for the words and drawing
a fun frame are as enjoyable as the fruit part.


  1. Nice works!
    I love the yellow banana, best!

  2. Saw these on instagram but the bigger blog pics are better - love that banana! Your sketching skills are certainly improving - I admire your stick-to-itiveness!

  3. I love those! And now I know why you might be allergic to persimmons... interesting that you are getting a reaction this year because I remember you ate a lot of them last year. Maybe it was something on the skin of it? You do peel them right? I love how you chose different borders and types for each one. Looks like a fun class!

  4. yes, yes, yes on the banana! great range of colors, and a perfect shadow.