Monday, December 29, 2014

Long time, no blog

Ugh. December is not my friend most years and this one was no exception. Sick all month with a variety of things, long distance Alzheimer FIL finally hospitalized and died Christmas Day morning (unbelievable timing, it should be against the law to die in December), and busy at work means I haven't blogged in weeks.

FIL passing is a good thing so don't wring yourselves dry in the comments. Been a long year of his wife ending up in a wheelchair after neck surgery and him going downhill quickly. It is a good thing he's gone, for himself included. He would have hated the burden he'd become.

Anyway, made a batch of gelli prints for a swap. Always fun to do a gelli session and this one happened while Rhonda was visiting. I'm leaving them small here cause there's so many but just double click to see them large.
Love the color change in this one. I put blue on one side of the plate, orange on the other and rolled them together a bit in the center, then printed thru a stencil onto a green background.

Love the crazy cheerful colors in this one.

This one is much cooler in person.

This one positively glows.

Another fun one. Background and two layers of stencils.


  1. Shoot, sorry you've been sick and sorry about your FIL. Love those Gelli prints, though. Hope you're fully recovered real soon. Happy New Year! Hugs.

  2. December can be tough....hang on....almost January! And, of course I love your gelli printing. I always do.

  3. Ohhh those gelli prints look even better now! Glad you came back to them. Sending my condolences even though I know it was expected and good to be final, still it is not easy. Take care and let's do some arty play in January!

  4. I love my gellis - you do such fun, colorful work. Can't wait for the new year when I put all this holiday stuff out of my head and can think about art again. i'm looking forward to collaging with some of the swapped gellis I received. Will be working on yours right after the first of the year......

  5. Glad you're back...missed your posts! Love your gellies, as usual. Hope you're feeling better, and that January kicks December's ass.