Monday, December 29, 2014

vintage knitting instructions

This great old paper was in an old composition book I bought a couple years ago and just never looked all the way thru. Most of the dated items in there were from 1895 so this Normandy Lace knitting pattern is prolly somewhere right around there. Amazing that it's survived.
She gives abbreviation explanations at the bottom but I'm not sure what "n" means. Looks like she wrote "narrow." What does that mean in knitting?? I'll have to ask Senor Google.
Love the spidery fountain pen writing. I'll use it in a collage or maybe a journal page about my own knitting.


  1. nice......looking forward to seeing what you do with it...

  2. ok - what's up with bogger? this is the 3rd time i've type this message! if it doesn't go thru this time, i'll just email you! I was saying, nice find on the knit ephemera, you seem to be lucky that way. Hope you had a very nice, quiet, loving Christmas and have a quiet, safe new year. Looking forward to sharing our artsy endeavors through another year.