Friday, March 6, 2015

blooming fruit trees

Spring has at least partially sprung here in my part of N California. My fruit trees are in various stages of bloom, including the totally non-producing-two-years-a-row plum tree. So glad we planted a few fruit trees when we moved in here. I've never had fruit trees before and it's so cool to walk out in the morning and pick a sun-warm nectarine to cut up on my cereal.
Not shown, the peach tree. It's in bloom but I couldn't get a decent angle on a single flower without getting in my own light, etc.

Baby apricot, about an inch long.
Looks like it's gonna be another record year for apricots.
Sure wish my nectarine produced like this.

Nectarine blossom, a lovely pink. This tree is just gorgeous
right now. Hope it goes crazy with fruit.

Plum blossom. This silly tree didn't do *anything* the first year.
No blossoms, no fruit. Second year it had a few blossoms but
no fruit. This year - ba-boom! Lots of blossoms which hopefully
translates into lots of plums!

Just a cluster of plum blossoms cause I'm so impressed with
this tree this year.

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  1. Wow your apricots have fruit already! Mine are just in the blossom stage, but then like last year, we are probably a month or so behind yours. Also it depends on the variety. I think ours is a late fruiting variety. The plum is probably following the typical pattern for those kinds of trees -- nothing for the first couple of years while it establishes itself, then fruit the 3rd or 4th year. Just in case you get too many plums this year you know who to call to come eat some of them! LOL I love your garden... eager to see what you plant for your veggies this year!