Monday, March 2, 2015

dlp2015 week 9

Ok, after last week's debacle, I paid attn and pulled off week 9 without a hitch. I followed right on Roben-Marie's heels on this one, doing pretty much each step she did but in my own style. Whatever the hell that it.

1. Background - Glued down a piece of painty under paper, the lightweight brown paper I cover my work table with.

2. Paper Stack - Made a stack of painted and gellied papers of all sorts. This was my favorite part of the exercise, picking thru my paper box, tearing them into the right sized pieces, stacking and restacking until I liked the arrangement. Made a large one, a small one, and 3 circles. I'll be doing more of these. Sewed it right onto my page so that when I turned it over to journal, I had stitching all over the place and had to write around it. Doh.

3. Painty - Rubbed some heavy bodied white paint here and there to sort of blend in some of the paper edges and scruff up the border. Then some marks with the Stabilo All pencil, maybe my fave art tool next to my gelli plate. Wet the marks with a brush so they dribbled all over. #ilovegrunge

4. Stamping - Stamped black circles here and there with various things - empty tape centers (double rings at bottom left), empty adding machine paper centers (small circles on yellow at upper left), and a cardboard tube of unknown origin.

5. Gel Pens - Lots of mark making with black and white gel pens.

um... 5B. - A few words of text from an old book.


  1. Oh yeah now that one is totally YOU!! Loving the colors and textures!

  2. LOTS to look at! NICE work, as always = )

  3. I love it! You continue to be my hero.
    (Every time I try to stitch I break the damn needle.)

  4. Delicious!! Yummy!! Delightful!! (I love it)