Saturday, February 26, 2011

4A4W lesson 2 - color and pattern

For this one I used another image of my mother. She's maybe 4 years old and obviously has to go potty. The high strappy shoes are very cool but she's still got that hair cut. Not sure why her mother didn't let it grow long since pictures of her sisters all show long hair.

For the background I used a piece in pinks and browns with a big lacy flower - maybe a gone-to-seed dandelion or something. Used three narrow torn strips of other papers on the left edge to lessen the weighty impact of the dark photo and to give it some interest. I cut the image into 3 pieces and staggered their placement when I glued them down.

The card on the left obviously has my name on it, not my mother's, but the colors and feel were perfect and I'll either paint over it later or just leave it. Added a couple thin strips of sparkly paper and a ticket to get a bit more color and pattern on the page.

I like this spread a lot. The colors are mostly what grabs me, I think.

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