Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green Paper Feb Challenge - Family Tree

See the three original images here. As usual, we had to use at least part of all three images in a collage of some sort. When I first saw her post, I thought of a family tree and after some resizing in PS, I went to work. Added the definition of 'lineage' from an old pocket dictionary, a bit of color work in PS, and wa-la... my entry, Family Tree. The girl at top left is wearing the dove-in-hand as a brooch.

I like the image of the children and will be using them again. Thanks, Mary!


  1. I really love your family tree - great idea to add the lineage definition.

    I wonder how many variations there actually could be to this challenge???? A very BIG number :)


  2. How do you say in english? Great minds think alike?! Your family tree is great! And it was a fun challenge!

  3. Great idea -I like the dictionary definition.

  4. I really like the way you have cut them out! great family tree. : ^ )