Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea Bag swap ATCs

Huh, it appears that I never blogged about the cards I made for this swap. I scanned them but just never got around to doing a post. Oh, well, now I don't have to link back to it, you'll get it all in one sitting.
So... this person had a swap where you had to use tea bags - the contents, the tag, the wrapper, the bag, the grounds - on your ATCs somehow. I made a first batch that didn't really fit the theme so I went back and made a second batch that actually adhered to the rules a bit better.    

This first one has a green inked background with all the various brewing instructions glued to it, a definition of 'tea,' plus a tag and some TEA stamps.

The second one is on a background of dictionary page showing the definition of 'tea,' plus the ingredients from a tea package in various languages.

A folded over round tea bag is hand-stitched to the bottom edge with the string from a tag. 

It's hiding the tag from a Stash tea bag that you can open to read the words 'cup of joy.'

Card is also stamped with some postage cancellation stamps and the word TEA.

 The 3rd one started out with a pictures of Alice's tea party, then a strip of tea boxes all in a row from a magazine ad.

Then a Twinings tag with a mini tea bag on the end. I had tea grounds all over the kitchen table by the time I had that little thing made.

Then three tags glued down on one side, stamped with TEA, and openable so that you can read the inside (which were originally the outsides...).

These are the 3 cards I got back. Each of them is very well done and quite creative.

Lyn in Australia made the first one. It's fabric, tea dyed and stitched on, with hand-stitched and drawn embellishments, and a bit of tea label stuck on. It's very cool and actually sort of looks like Australia to me.

The next one was made by Jamie and has tea grounds stuck to the background to give it a neat texture. Alice's tea party, a cut out, textured tea pot and bits of label finish it off. This one is fun to rub your fingertips over.

The last one was made by Nicole and happens to be in my favorite shade of green and has torn tea packaging glued down only on one edge so that the whole thing is ruffley and very 3-D when out of its plastic sleeve.

The quote says 'Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.' Henry Fielding. I'm going to matt this one and hang it in my kitchen with my other green collectibles.

What a great swap!!!

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