Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Paper Challenge ATC

January's challenge at Green Paper was to use pieces from all three of the images. I'm sneaking in just under the wire cause it's over tomorrow morning.

I played and played with this in Photoshop but ended up printing everything out and doing a tradition ATC using only the 3 images. I brightened the colors and contrast of the ledger page and printed it out large, so that I can use pieces of it for other ATCs. I did de-saturate the roses cause I have a heck of a time fitting one color image in with sepia or b/w images, then colored them in a bit with chalk.

I like the way the angle of the roses picks up the angle of her hat.

The ledger page immediately made me think about what a balancing act a relationship is, so the title Love's Balance Sheet was an easy one to come up with.  


  1. what a perfect title! I fell in love with it right away ; ) Great ATC!

  2. Great title and card, lovely composition!

  3. Great placement of the images. Sweet atc.