Monday, January 10, 2011


A Collage Obsession challenge ATC using with the image of the woman, and/or the theme 'jewelry'. I went with the woman.

I had this background made up for another set of cards, but nothing looked right on it so it got shoved aside. When this challenge was posted, I printed the woman, cut her out, then went looking for something to do with her. Turned out she was perfect on this background.

The Italian verb conjugation book that I got at the library for a buck provided the text, but it was stark white so I toned it down with some teal chalk to pick up the background colors a bit.

I stuck three little blue jewels to her to add some jewelry bling and called it done.

This one of nine (9!!!) ATCs I churned out on Sunday the 9th, along with a bunch of backgrounds. I sat at the kitchen table piled high with art supplies, tea, and cookies, going back and forth between the NFL playoffs and a figure skating/gymnastics extravaganza. What a juxtaposition of sports, huh? Hulking, grunting linebackers and lithe, twirling skaters. It was a really good day! (DH is fishing in Mexico for 10 days...)


  1. The background and the image fits so perfectly together, and the teal color also is so right choice with the other colors.

    Thank you for participating our challenge. :)

  2. A great contribution to this challenge, Leslie. The colours are so subtle...well done,

  3. Well done. It is a shame that our photos can never provide our audience with a true sense of the piece when it is in hand but I know if seen in real life this one would be scrutinized for its beauty. The colors and style of the background are perfect for the image.

  4. Your atc is beautiful, Leslie - I also love the colours you have used. Your story of your 9-atcs-day was fantastic - it seems that you had a wonderful creative day.

  5. I love, love, love making ATCs and I just adore yours! The colors are wonderful together and I love the pop of color with the teal. Marvelous.