Tuesday, January 11, 2011

theme thursday challenge ATCs vintage children

Theme Thursday seems to often have challenges that appeal to me.

These were easy. I was at the kitchen table working away on ATCs with text for a swap and just added two kids to the images I was working with.

I put wings on both of them cause I keep seeing other ATCs with wings and like them but always forget to do it before I stick the image down. Kinda tough to add them after.

The background of the baby is watercolor pencils then stamped with green ink on bubble wrap. Love how it came out. I'm doing a lot more creating my own backgrounds now instead of just slapping fancy paper on a chunk of card board.

I'm also getting a little freer with odd color combos. Normally pink, mustard yellow, olive green, and sky blue wouldn't come to mind as something that would work, but I quite like the baby ATC and may keep it around instead of putting on my swap page.

The girl is from a Green Paper collage sheet and the baby is from my own collection of old photos.

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