Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something Blue Swap ATCs

The theme for this swap was just something blue on the card, otherwise you could do whatever you wanted. 

That sounded simple enough, but I was amazed at how few blue papers I had. For the first one, I used an image  I've used before. There's nothing special about this woman but maybe that's why she appeals to me - she's so neutral, she goes with anything. She's on a hand painted and stamped background, with a bit of purchased paper trim, a big old #1 stamped with red to pick up the red in the trim, and some text from a book. I like all the colors in this one quite a lot.

The next one is a woman I originally downloaded for the Tea Bag Swap but didn't use. I think she's Russian but I picked her because her cup was blue and I loved the colors in her shawl. She's on a torn paper background, dry brushed with gesso, with some designs cut from some fancy paper that had the right colors in it. I went over some of the designs on the paper with metallic gel pens. Since no ATC looks complete to me without some text on it, I added the definition of 'delicious' from an old dictionary.

The last one are the four legs from a magazine spread. They're on a hand painted background with red splotches from stamped bubble wrap. A #4 edged with red ink, some dots of white paint to echo the white of the 4, and, of course, some more text - this time 'denim.' The fact that I switched sides with the legs sort of makes me dizzy when I look at it, like my brain's trying to make the feet pair up properly even tho they're out of place.

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