Sunday, February 27, 2011

4A4W lesson 3 - weight

The background for this one is a page from an old copy of Treasure Island. It's brown and brittle and perfect for collaging, and I paid a quarter for it at the thrift shop out at the edge of town. They have an entire wall of books - all $0.25 each. I staggered out to the car with an entire box of them a few months ago and they'll keep me going for ages - all for around $9.

I put a piece of torn paper across the top to get my green fix in. Another book strip down the right side to fill in where the first page wasn't quite long enough. The wrinkly bit on top is the tightly twisted paper handle from a gift bag. I had to work at untwisting it, but there were 3 different types of paper in there, different shades of tan, and I love them as accents. You really can't throw ANYTHING away once you start collaging...

Another mom image, this time on an old car. I tried positioning it here and there, but the cut-off right edge and bottom just looked weird, so I put it in the corner and worked from there. It was taken around 1925-26, I'd guess. She looks about 3 there, no?

The address book page is the real McCoy, from Theresa's little leather booklet. I just grabbed a page randomly, turned out to be the Rs. The fine fountain pen script is so appealing, all the more so because my own handwriting is so poor. It was just lost on the book page, color-wise, so I matted it, per Mary's technique, on part of a wine label we collected in Napa years ago. Just the right green to give it some weight.

The green car is obviously a new piece, and too white around the edges, so I colored it first by wiping some blending chalk over it.

This spread will get beefed up with some journaling. Meanwhile, it has a vintagey feel to me.

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