Wednesday, August 17, 2011


August's theme in my little (3 person) mail art swap group was cowgirls and we all did cool cards, if I do say so myself.
 First up is the back of Beth's envelope to me. This one was made digitally, with lots of different boots, a cool font, and of course lots of cowgirls.

I like the little HANDMADE stamp at lower left, with the bird carrying the envelope. The flourishes work well also.

On the front, the rope around the address was a cool idea, and the little stamp with Dale Evans and her horse Buttermilk.

How I longed to be Dale Evans when I was a kid. Just ride the range all day on a pretty horse and get saved from all my predicaments by good ole Roy. I've outgrown my hankering for Roy but I still love buckskin horses.

Jewels made a postcard this time, as did I. She, too, employed Dale Evans on her card with the quote. I love the background papers on this card. The little stars are punched out of the pink so that the gold card can show thru. Love it!

The cowgirl image is great, tugging on her fringey gloves with that huge hat and her blase expression. I love the colors of this card and can imagine a dusty old parlor in those faded shades.

My cards used the same images to both Beth and Jewels, and mostly the same words. I sealed the card with gel gloss and varnish so it was difficult to get a decent shot, but it says "a cowgirl is..." and then each image has a word or phrase on it - clockwise from top right - athletic (bent over backwards on a galloping horse!), adaptable (riding sidesaddle), friendly (a smiling Dale Evans), as cool as her horse (girl and horse with one leg crossed over their knee - amazing!), and lastly, brave (holding a gun).

I doodled here and there, and added bits of ancient paper that barely held together long enough for me to get it glued to the card. I sewed around everything, then sewed the card around the edges to a lightly larger card to hide all the back stitching.

Great swap!


  1. Commenting on my own post... I sooo don't understand how blogger decides how to space the images. When I'm working on the post, there's no words under the pictures, the pictures are all stacked up with just one line of white between them and the words are all off to the right. Then blogger seems to just arbitrarily add spacing here and there. Makes. Me. Crazy.

  2. Heh L - first, wonderful to see all our Mail Art together. Second I have had to really fiddle till I found out the way to make pictures work with the newest version. I type up my post first with a line space where I plan to add a photo. After I "upload" all my pictures I close out adding an image, put my cursor where I want the picture to be, open up add an image again and only add one image (if I try multiple and drag/drop just does not work for me). If I want to resize the picture I click on it to get the tool bar that allows me to change the size. Then I place my cursor where I want the next pic to be and start again - make sense? Let me know if it works for you..

  3. Look at us! I think the theme was great and we did a fantastic job. I soo enjoy doing the artwork and can hardly wait until the mailart reaches my mailbox. Partners, you all are the best!xoxo bb