Monday, August 29, 2011

yard sale scores

Cruising home from someplace or other on Sunday, we spied a yard sale. I moseyed around and found a box of dominoes with little metal studs in the center of each one for $2. I haven't yet done any altered dominoes so I have no idea if they always come with metal bits in the center or if these are a bit different.

It occurred to me that it might make them more difficult to glue things to since the metal is raised a little, but I like the look of them.

Then I took a look at the furniture. We always need office chairs at work since people crash down into them in ways chairs were never meant to be sat upon, so I took a quick look at the chairs he had. They were in good shape, had lots of cool adjustment features and were only 15 bucks a piece. As my husband wrestled them into the back of my RAV4, I noticed he was working at it a bit more than usual.

Didn't eat his Wheaties this morning I thought to myself. Then we got them home and I looked at the bottom of one.

Steelcase. Selling new for $849. Holy Sh*t!

I later found them for $349, on sale for $199, but still - I got them for $15 each and they'll last forever. Needless to say, they never went to work. I'm sitting in one right now...


  1. I've never seen dominoes with metal... Hummmm.

    Score on the chairs.

    Gotta love yardsales!

  2. WOW, are thse dominos not cool or what...can't wait to see what you do with them. And the chair, another WOW... I love thrifting.

  3. leslie, thank you for your kind words over at my place... what a lovely place you have here... : )