Thursday, September 8, 2011

FTB journal 1

front cover
A month or so ago I signed up for Full Tilt Boogie, an online journal class by Mary Ann Moss. I still haven't watched all the videos, but I did watch enough of them to make this great journal. An old book cover in my favorite shade of green, some strips of tea dyed upholstery fabric, some vintage green ric-rac, turquoise linen thread, and lots of various papers.

The videos are quite entertaining, what with Mary Ann's ongoing commentary, and plenty clear enough to follow along while she works. I pulled out some of my stitching at one point, I forget why now, but got the binding part done in one night in front of the tube. Took me another couple weeks to get the fabric tapes glued down and decide how to embellish the front.

I've journaled only a little, but have gone thru gluing in lots of images I like, not really worrying whether they have anything in common, only that they appeal to me. And I plan to journal the same why - about whatever's in my head at the time, not necessarily having to do with the images on that particular page.
front cover detail

The old painted looking images are pages from a tourist book on San Diego that a friend gave me. I really like the soft colors of the images and the fact that I know most of the places shown.

front cover detail

the spine showing the signatures and stitching

old dictionary page, tissue tape, picture I took of the fancy door of an
abandoned house, and an odd image a grinder from a coffee ad, I think

last page and back inside cover

finger holding an odd design, and a couple barn images I love

picture of me at top right, facing a 'reflection' in the water. 
inside front cover and first page from the San Diego tourist book about.
love that Gibson Girl hairdo.


  1. OOOOh, beautiful, Leslie. This journal is going to be wonderful. I love the green cover with the tea stained fabric, doilies and buttons. I like the idea of putting in pictures you like and going from there. I may use the same idea in my new journal. Thanks. On the inside cover, is that a transfer or paper? Looks like you aged it. Can't wait to see how it goes. hugs bb

  2. Thanks, Beth, I'm pleased with it. The inside front cover is just a piece of scrapbook paper from the very first pack I bought back when I first got the paper crafting itch. It came out of the pack looking just like that...