Sunday, September 18, 2011

the odd couple

One day while walking the dog, we met a cat. A friendly cat
who didn't run away or swat Maggie on the nose like most
of the cats we meet. (Maggie stuck her face in a bush one day,
and after a few seconds, the bush came alive with hissing
and spitting, and Maggie leaped backwards with a scratch
on her nose and an astonished look on her face.
She now skirts those bushes with a wary glance.)
See the short brick pillar on the left of the sidewalk, back a ways?
That's what the cat was sitting on in the first pic.
The kitty followed us down the sidewalk and stopped to
stretch when he saw us waiting for him.

Maggie was enchanted with him. She obviously had been around cats before
she ended up with us because she's quite curious but not at all aggressive.


Every time we see this kitty, he gives Mags a friendly head butt by way of greeting,
then wanders along with us for a few houses.
See his tail? When he walks, his extra-long tail curves
all the way over his back and just about taps him on the head. 


  1. Is that cool or what? A long time back, we had a dog named Anytime and a black cat named Velvet. We looked out the screen door onto a little porch and saw them lying side by side, feet up, in a patch of sunlight, dang what I would give for that picture. Thanks for reminding me. xxoo bb

  2. Gwen - see we really CAN all get along (LOL). Miss Gwendoline, who is probably smaller then your cat, would have attempted to take her out (sigh). J